Donald – Etymology

The name Donald is a common and popular American name that is also popular in many of the English speaking countries. However, this name does not come from the US; it’s actually from Scotland and Ireland centuries ago. Donald, the anglicized version of a Scottish or Irish name, means “world”, “rule”, or “power”. Because of … ...
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Dôn, the Welsh mother goddess, is the mystical descendant of the people of Cymru. A important and well known deity in the religion of the ancient Welsh, Dôn is considered Mother of the Universe, Queen of the Heavens as well as the Goddess of Sea and Air. Dôn’s name means “the depths of the sea” … ...
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Don – Mob Boss

A crime boss is more often than not associated with the Mafia, and, common assumptions aside, may be female. The crime boss oversees a “family, ” with a family structure–the Don, or Donna, at the head, with underlings, often family members including siblings and children, reporting up a chain of command. The organization, and the … ...
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