Donald – Etymology

The name Donald is a common and popular American name that is also popular in many of the English speaking countries. However, this name does not come from the US; it’s actually from Scotland and Ireland centuries ago. Donald, the anglicized version of a Scottish or Irish name, means “world”, “rule”, or “power”. Because of the powerful meaning behind this name, there have been many Scottish kings and early saints with this name. In fact, fourteen kings and noblement of the 7th through 14th century had the name related to Donald. Because Donald is a newly developed name, it actually comes from the name Domnall, Domhnall, Dumhnuil, and Donall.

In those times, names were especially meaningful, so many who wanted their sons to become a great person would choose a name like “ruler of the world”. In the modern times, many do not understand this crucial name of Donald. As the best example of this, Disney’s character Donald Duck has been laughed at for decades for his misfortunes. However, there are many great Donalds in these times that truly deserve their names. For example, Donald of Ogilvy is now named Saint Donald. Donald Rumsfeld once held a high office of the United States Secretary of Defense.

Donald Tsang is a Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Donald Tusk is a Polish Prime Minister. And the most farmous person with the name Donald is, without doubt, Donald Trump, an American business executive, founder, and CEO of Trump Organization. Because of his popularity and his power, he now calls himself “The Donald”. These people truly have had power in this world and live up to their names. Since the 7th century up to the modern 21st century, Donald has become quite a popular name because of its origin and its meaning. It is important that people understand the etymology behind it.

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